My search for truth – Moshe Elijah

I am a member of a fairly religious orthodox Sephardi Jewish family who keep to some degree the Kosher food rules, and light the candles on Friday nights, and go fairly frequently to Synagogue on Friday nights, etc. The male members of the family, including myself, wear the Tephillin daily, as this is usual according […]

Born to love – Glenn Osher

Deprived of the love he needed as a child, Glenn learned to provide for and satisfy himself,  and doing so at the expense of others did not trouble him. When the love of God dawned on him at the age of twenty-nine, Glenn’s perspective on life changed. When we are truly loved, we too can […]

Dr. John Goldstein

My Conversion Dr. John Goldstein MRCS LRCP Foreword John Leopold Goldstein was descended of Polish Jews who fled the pogroms and settled in Germany in the mid 1800s. He was the grandson of rabbi Maushe Thorner, who sat under rabbi Akiba Eger in Berlin and Posen and founded the Danzig academy. Dr. Goldstein spent his […]

Jewish linguists contribute to the King James Bible translation

When a new translation of the Bible was commissioned in 1604 by King James the First of England, no fewer than twenty-five of the men chosen to translate the Hebrew scriptures were from Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The high standard of Hebrew linguistics at these universities was attained partly through the contributions Philip Ferdinand and […]

Rabbi Sam Stern

From “Rabbis meet Jesus the Messiah” – a collection of 24 testimonies of Rabbis personal encounters with the gospel of Jesus the Messiah – © Messianic Good News. Early Background I was born at a time when the whole world lay in turmoil caused by World War 1. People suffered hunger and starvation. I came into a strict […]

The Living Messiah

Elias Newman was born in 1888 in Poland to orthodox Jewish parents. His family moved toEngland where he was converted in 1903 through the work of the Mildmay Mission. After believing in secret for three months, he told his parents and was promptly disowned. He studied with the Lutherans in Germany between 1908 and 1909 and migrated to the USA in 1912. […]

Dr. Joseph Schereschewsky

Adapted from a biography published in Aaron Bernstein’s anthology “Some Jewish Witnesses for Christ”. First published in 1909. An edition of 1999 is available from Keren Ahvah Meshihit, P O Box 10382, 91103 Jerusalem. When David Aikman’s ‘The Beijing Factor’ was published in 2005, it was subtitled “how Christianity is transforming China and changing the […]

Henry Gerecke – Chaplain to Nazi war criminals

From WAR AND GRACE – Short biographies from the World Wars, by Don Stephens, published by Evangelical Press, Faverdale North, Darlington, DL3 0PH, England Reproduced by permission of the publishers Available in South Africafrom Visiting condemned men in their cells was nothing new to Henry Gerecke. Much of his early career was devoted to working in prisons. However, the […]

Report on Jewish Missions 1922

Dies auch in Deutsch erhaeltlich In 1922 the Reverends L. Zeckhausen, David Baron and Dr. Arnold Frank reported to the United Free Church of Scotland on ‘the success of Jewish mission’. They argued persuasively against the perception that the Jew is more difficult to bring to Christ than any other, and consequently dispelled the myth […]

From Islam to Messiah

My personal testimony – by Firosa Dukhi (first published in MGN 2nd Quarter 2001) I remember feeling bone weary and more than a little disillusioned. In all my forty years as a Muslim, I had never felt further away from God. He had always been there when I needed Him. When things went wrong I would fast […]