Henry Gerecke – Chaplain to Nazi war criminals

From WAR AND GRACE – Short biographies from the World Wars, by Don Stephens, published by Evangelical Press, Faverdale North, Darlington, DL3 0PH, England Reproduced by permission of the publishers www.epbooks.org. Available in South Africafrom www.christianbooks.co.za. Visiting condemned men in their cells was nothing new to Henry Gerecke. Much of his early career was devoted to working in prisons. However, the […]

The truth that sets us free

Faced with a chronic stomach ailment that no doctor could diagnose or cure, Bathy Tuelekeje turned to a sangoma (African “witchdoctor”) for help. This brought temporary relief, but cost Bathy his freedom – his life was now controlled by the witchdoctor. In this testimony Bathy bears witness to the love and truth by which he later regained his health and freedom. […]

The Thirty-six Righteous – Simon Wiesenthal’s tribute to Anton Schmid

This is an extract from chapter seventeen of Wiesenthal’s book, The Murderers Among Us, (Joseph Wechsberg, ed.), published in London by William Heinemann Ltd (copyright 1967 Opera Mundi, Paris). Anton Schmid was a devout Catholic who suffered deeply when he saw other people suffer. He was also a man of exceptional courage. His story might never […]

Professor Franz Delitzsch

Dies auch in Deutsch erhältlich This biography first appeared in German in the ‘Zions Freund’ of December 1934. Professor Franz Delitzsch was born in Leipzig in 1813 and, on his own testimony, of simple middle-class stock. He lost his father in 1836. The position of the young Delitzsch was quite depressing, but a Jew, Hirsch Levi, […]

Paul Schneider – German opponent of Hitler

From WAR AND GRACE – Short biographies from the World Wars, by Don Stephens, published by Evangelical Press, Faverdale North, Darlington, DL3 0PH, England Reproduced by permission of the publishers http://www.epbooks.org/ Available in South Africa from http://www.christianbooks.co.za/. Throughout 1915 the First World War raged in both western and eastern Europe. In the German onslaught in the east against Russia, […]

Christian Martyrs

This picture is of an ivory relief which depicts the martyrdom of the forty martyrs of Sebaste A.D. 320. “They were forty Roman legionaries, Christians who could be induced neither by command nor by persuasion nor by torture to renounce their faith. They were exposed naked on a frozen lake, and on the shore great […]

Undeserved Mercy – Phina Jappie

Being born into a Christian family did not help me with my decision making later on in life. Young people tend to become rebellious and want to break away from the norm, to go their own way, thinking that they know better. When I met Ashraf we did not immediately think about our different backgrounds […]